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So you want to become a pilot? Here’s a breakdown of the steps you’ll take to reach your goal of becoming a commercial pilot.

  1. Are You Eligible? Private Pilot Requirements and Beyond

  2. Training Options for Ground Training and Flight School

  3. Choosing a Flight School

  4. Should You Train for PPL, CPL Or ATPL?

  5. Getting Your Aviation Medical Certificate and Student Pilot License

  6. Applying for flight school.

Image by Chris Leipelt


As per our analysis the cost of local training here in Pakistan is much more as compared to getting an ICAO license and getting international experience. We guide you to the best Flight training Organizations for the best price, and you get an international certification and a multitude of cross cultural exposure to the world.


Apply for a visa for the international flight school you choose

  1. Show proof of health or accident insurance

  2. Show proof of funds for flight training and living expenses

  3. Register and submit background information through Mushna Aviation

  4. Get your International Pilot License

  5. Building Hours and Experience

  6. Your Professional Pilot Career: Getting a Job to build flying hours


Mushna Aviation consultants will apply for your Visa process for you, so you don’t have to, this will save you time and help you concentrate on your own process of learning about your future career in aviation. With our affiliate Flight Training Organizations, we have an understanding with them for our student pilots.

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